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Why choose Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine?

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Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine is very popular in the market. Do you know why? Xizi Forvorda will introduce the advantages of Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine. I hope you will gain som..

What is an elevator traction machine

 elevator traction machine

The elevator traction machine is the power equipment of the elevator, also known as the elevator host. The function is to convey and transmit power to make the elevator run.


Advantages of Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine

 Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine

1. CE certification

With their impeccable quality, all series of Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machines have successfully passed the "CE" certification representing the highest quality standard in the European Union. So you don't need to worry about formalities.

2. Smooth and low noise

Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine is a permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator traction machine, low-speed direct drive, so the bearing noise is low, no fan, no worm gear noise. The noise is generally 5 to 10 decibels lower, reducing noise pollution to the environment.

3. Low operation and maintenance costs

The Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine has no gearbox, simple maintenance, less maintenance, and low operation and maintenance costs.

4. High security

The Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine has the characteristics of rigid straight-axis braking due to its simplified structure, and provides full-time up and down overspeed protection capabilities. The back electromotive force characteristics of the permanent magnet motor are used to realize the self-locking function of the worm gear and worm, which is a good solution for the elevator system and the Passengers are provided with multiple layers of security protection

5. Save building space

Due to the miniaturization and thinness of the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, the Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine has greatly improved the configuration of the elevator and the collocation of the integrated space between buildings. It is believed that it will provide more flexible design space for architects. , and indirectly improve the function and quality of people's use in the building space.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection

The Xizi Forvorda elevator traction machine does not need a huge worm gear and a worm reduction gearbox with a mechanical transmission efficiency of only about 70%; compared with an induction motor, it does not need to draw reactive current from the power grid, so the power factor is high; because there is no excitation winding, there is no excitation Loss, so the heat is small, so there is no need for fans, no wind wear, and high efficiency; using field-oriented vector transformation control, it has the same excellent torque control characteristics as DC motors, and the starting and braking currents are significantly lower than those of induction motors. Both power and inverter capacity are reduced.


Xizi Forvorda is an elevator traction machine factory. If you want to buy high-quality green elevator traction machines, you can call +86-18258102752 or +86-15990063940, email [email protected] or [email protected], log in to or click to contact us.

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